DOMUS lamps are made by people for people. With our state-of-the-art technical facilities as a basis, we still see ourselves as manufacturers, for whom our staff’s talents and craft skills are of paramount importance.

DOMUS lamps are developed in a teamwork approach. Designers, wood experts, design engineers, and lighting designers create products to serve their users. In doing so, they are not guided by short-lived trends, but committed to timeless, lasting lamp designs.

All essential elements of the lamps are produced at our own facilities. So every staff member in the production chain has the DOMUS lamp as a whole in his mind. All are working to create high quality, long-lived products from the very best of raw materials. The often filigree-like quality of the different components and wooden raw materials require skilled handicraft. Each individual lamp is hand-made and subsequently subjected to stringent quality controls, before the DOMUS quality label is attached to the lamp.

Customers and friends all over the world influence and inspire our day-to-day work. Constant contacts with them are an important source of new ideas and spur our ambition every day.

And in customer relations, too, we are not aiming at quick profit but at developing long lastings partnerships based on mutual trust that will benefit all parties involved. Man is in the center of our day-to-day activities. We are committed to create things that give good service and pleasure to their owners.