In the field of professional lighting for interiors, DOMUS has proved its competence, experience and high level of technical expertise over and again. The high number of projects realized for residential and public buildings reflect the confidence, lighting designers and architects in Germany and abroad place in DOMUS. So, recently, DOMUS lamps have put the interiors of the Thomas Morus House in Chemnitz/Germany or the Residenz in Masserberg/Germany in a favourable light.

To get to the heart of DOMUS products: wherever you need technical light with a cosy and and liveable atmosphere, DOMUS - Licht zum Wohnen provides you a wide variety of high class luminaires.

Under the point "references" you find a list of selected projects, which could be realized with different architects and building owners.

Lighting systems for retirement homes, kindergartens and hotels are the focus of DOMUS' activities - interiors requiring homely lighting and technical competence.